Gillies Hockey would like to introduce our Beginner 'B' 3on3 League for this upcoming Winter season (2019/2020). This league will begin October 2019 and run through till March 2020. This league will consist of 20 games, running on Monday nights at Centre Ice at 9pm and 10pm. Each team will consist of minimum 6 players, maximum 9 players and 1 goalie. Please note that goalies are free. 

This league is designed for those who are true beginners; who are either new to the game or who are still developing their skills and may still have difficulty stopping or have limited stickhandling or shooting skills.

Registration for all Adult Ladies Leagues will close August 19th.

Jersey's will be provided.


If you would like to be on the same team as others, when registering through our online system, please indicate in the Notes and Comments section other participants' names who you'd like to be on the same team as, and/or your Team Name. 

Registration may also be completed at our facility, over the phone or through email.





Please call or email if you have any questions
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